Customer experience will not go un-noticed

Customer Exp

Uber revolution has re-defined the importance and impact of customer experience. Those who failed to adopt this new reality were all run over by the wave of superior experience of booking a cab. Customer centricity, in general, is the fundamental principle for every business.

Curious case of Logistics Sector

But, Logistics on the other hand is an interesting sector because a logistics company is generally serving an end customer who belongs to another party. A logistics provider, generally, is a bridge between a seller and an end customer. It gets further interesting to see that actually it makes little sense for a logistics provider to incur extra cost for improving the experience of the end customer because, end customer is not the one who is going to clear the bills. Bills are to be cleared by the seller (Clients) and a seller, mostly, is not ready to pay extra price to improve the delivery experience of end customer.

Customer is still a king

While the above mentioned arguments for not investing in customer experience are valid and probably makes sense, Customer Experience is something which is not to be traded. A customers, who is expecting his shipment to arrive wants to have a real time track of the location of their goods. Giving a 9 Hour time window to deliver the goods is not enough, customers now prefer to know the precise time of delivery of their shipment. They wants to be listened to and share their feedback which they expect would be acted upon. Definitely, those who can match these expectations, will have a better shot at tapping into customer/client loyalty even in a price driven sector such as logistics.

UPS recently marked the beginning of this revolution by announcing that they will be providing their customers with real-time tracking of their deliveries on a map – what they are calling “Follow My Delivery.” While it is a good to have feature for every logistics service provider but not so easy to adopt . Every other business do not have millions of dollars readily available, to be spent on research & development to create in-house something like what UPS has just rolled out.

This is where Quifers comes in:

Quifers is empowering enterprises by providing capabilities to all businesses that were previously only available to companies like Amazon and Uber, by enabling them to enrich their existing infrastructure without having to spend millions of dollars and precious man power on development. Quifers empowers businesses to improve their delivery experience while reducing overall cost of last mile delivery operations. Quifers’ optimum routing engine alone is proven to reduce up to 25% cost of last mile delivery operations. More than direct cost reduction, Quifers Delivery Management System (QDMS) helps enterprises to save tones of precious man-hours by replacing traditional paper based delivery process with a lean and digitalized process powered with delivery planning automation. QDMS also helps enterprises to elevate their delivery experience by intimating customers about the precise time of delivery (after accounting for real time traffic condition) and live location of their system.

New realities of changing customer expectations about their delivery experience are here to stay. Hence, it is better to adopt the change and ride the waves of revolution before it’s too late. A wheel has already been invented, we only have to get it rolling.

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