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Quifers - Truck Load Builder

Get the right mix of vehicles to deliver your orders to get best cost savings.​

Quifers - Delivery Management

Plan, track and manage your deliveries with zero hassles.​

We Cover Every Aspect of Supply Chain Management
Dispatch Plan with Optimized Fleet-Mix & Route in Minutes

Point to point transfer or multiple stop deliveries, create dispatch plans with optimized routes and best fleet-mix for smooth operations at lowest cost.

Track & Manage Every Vehicle and Delivery

Unified web dashboard to a bird's eye view as well as micro-view on all phases of supply-chain. Consolidate all your operations in one easy to use interface.

Streamline Your Process

Automate operational flows and cut down on your execution time and effort. Our product offers daily planning, attendance, billing and more. All done seamlessly from start to finish.

Enterprise Grade Security

Secure cloud deployment with option to block any rogue IPs

Integrate Any Platform

Integrate any existing system to augment your workflow.

Actionable Analytics

Make better decision with rich data insights to your operations.

Scalable Solution for Any Business, Any Size

From primary to secondary to last-mile, optimize your load and maximize resource utilization.


Optimize your load, minimize costs and increase efficiency of your logistics operations.


Streamline your delivery logistics in real-time and deliver perfect customer experiences.

Cold Chain/Pharma

Optimized logistics with visibility over temperature controls and constant deviation alerts.


Optimize last-mile, manage reverse orders, streamline warehouse operations - all in a highly customizable solution.


Efficiently manage your services and ensure end-to-end visibility with SLA compliance and happy customers.

Quifers Helps You Grow


Increase in cost savings.


Reduction in loading/unloading time.


Increase in vehicle utilization.

Our Clients
Customer Testimonials

Our operational efficiencies have increased tremendously since Quifers deployment and the cost savings are almost 20%. The huge number of customizations, the speed of implementation and Tech Support is really impressive.

Vijay Sales

Aseem Chandra

Truck Load Builder helped us reduce cost for our CFA to Distributors movement by almost 30%. The ability to test numerous what-if scenarios directly from the dashboard is a big plus. The real sell is the team which worked closely & were available for any need.


Ashutosh Mishra

Quifers Workforce management system helped us streamline our whole process - from scheduling, allocation to routing & billing. The route optimization is a powerful tool. We were able to reduce repeat attempts & drive down the costs by as much as 25%.